Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do You Believe in Psychic Phenomena?

I'm taking a class in parapsychology for my masters degree. It's an exploration of psychic phenomena. In the class, you have to take a stance, either believer or skeptic and then write a paper supporting your opinion. I thought it might be fun to ask my readers if they were believers or skeptics. If you believe, which elements of psi do you believe in?


What about psychics?


Precognitive dreams?

A Parallel Universe?

Extra Sensory Perception?

Past lives?

Mental Telepathy?

Me? As a writer, I've experienced some weird instances where I write about something and then it happens, but I prefer to think of that as some kind of deeply creative soup. I'm actually on the fence about the whole psi thing, leaning more toward skeptic than believer, but there's a part of me that loves to think, what if?

Do you believe in some psi but not others? For instance I'm more likely to believe in ESP, than ghosts. You know, when you think of someone and they call? Or you visualize a parking spot and boom, there is is. I love the idea of past lives, but don't really believe in it.

If you're s skeptic, does part of you really want to believe in something beyond your five senses? Or are you bone deep scientific and require indesputable proof before you believe?


  1. I am entertained and interested in psychic phenomemom, but I don't necessarily believe it. I believe in intuition, wisdom and the power of thought. I poo-poo fortune telling, but applaud conviction.

  2. Well, I will say I beleive in Angels, but that may just be the power of suggestion. I was on the highway at night with my neiece who was about 14 at the time. It was a wet night too. We were on are way back from the movies, when I got a flat tire. I was driving dads car and of course he did have CAA, but I prayed to my guardian angel, my Nana, and low and behold a tow truck pulled up behind me. Changed the tire and we were on our way..
    But my brother later told me that most likley the tow truck driver saw we were in trouble and stopped to help. I beleive the opposite.

  3. I had a flat tire once and my dad just happened to be traveling that road and saw me. We lived in different towns so it wasn't a road he traveled often, and he hadn't come to town to visit me. He said it was because as family we were psychically linked. But it could have just been coincidence.


  4. I'm a believer. In my family, you tend to be. Too many stories of too many things. I believe in spirits. I believe in psychic ability (though there are way too many scammers out there). I believe in precognitive dreams. I believe ESP can happen. I believe in past lives.

    Mental telepathy? Eh. I've never seen a believable instance of it yet. Angels? Not really my slant on things but I tend to believe angels are more tied into spirits. As for parallel universes, I don't know. Mathematically, I believe, they can be "proven," and like many scientists say: If you can prove it mathematically, it could exist. So I can't poo-poo it or believe it either. Yet.

    But the family tree is full of stories like...

    Seeing a relative or a friend (one even on a tv screen when they turned the set on) only to find out a few minutes later that person is dead, often unexpectedly like in their sleep, a car accident, etc.

    Hearing someone call your name (empty house) and knowing that person was going to call you in the next hour... and they do (and no, they don't normally call ever).

    My favorite was when I was a kid. I swore one year I was going to break my arm. I spent months learning how to do everything left handed, including write. My sister decided to go skiing with her friends, nearly ran into a tree, fell... broke her arm and spent forever trying to figure out how to do everything left handed. LOL.

    I've had my cards read by several different people over the years and no matter where I go, no matter who I go to, no matter how old I am, it's always been the same fortune, which matches a dream I had years ago and never told anybody about except my mother. And no, I never tell the psychics anything. LOL.

    One psychic told me that, when my sister came to make amends, I needed to do it because it would make things "easier for me" later. I scoffed at it because my sister and I hadn't spoken for some 17 years at that point. A month later, my sister calls out of the blue asking if we can put the past behind us. {{{cues Twilight Zone music}}} Doing so *has* made it easier to deal with her and my dad's failing health.

    Most often though it's just a sense of knowing. Go here, don't go here. Do that, don't do that. Instinct. Intuition. Impulses. Call it whatever you want, but those instincts have served me well. I have good intuition when it comes to people and situations.

    I've had experiences with shared dreaming. I've known people who experienced remote viewing and could describe places and houses to people in great detail even though they've never been there.

    Plus, with the government looking into psychic abilities, doing tests, researching things like remote viewing, dream control, etc., you figure there's something of interest there. Unfortunately when we think and hear about haunting and psychics, they're usually so blatantly fake and out to scam and make money (or dramatized to the point of absurd by Hollywood) that you can't help but look at things with skepticism or laughter.

    I believe that both groups -- skeptics and believers -- should approach stuff like this with caution and a foot firmly planted in reality.

    I find Fate and Destiny equally fascinating topics. Is everything predestined? I don't think everything is. I believe that there are certain things that have to happen and will happen while others are flexible.

    There are a lot of things people didn't believe centuries ago that they wrote off as magic or curses or witchcraft that we now look at as "science" and "fact." Who knows what, 100 years from now, people will look back on and say, "How could they not believe this was true?"

    But yeah, when you listen to the stories of people... average, every day people, it's hard not to have an open mind about psychic abilities.


  5. Hello,

    Psychic phenomena originate from the mind and seem to bridge the division between this world and the next. Sometimes these phenomena are manifested as an ability to use only the mind to affect things around oneself or others. Thanks a lot....