Thursday, August 18, 2011

Calling All Readers!

Dear Readers,

Want to have input in the covers for my upcoming ebooks that are a continuation of my Twilight, Texas series? The story concepts are a spin-off from The First Love Cookie Club and will be called the Christmas Cookie Chronicles. We have three stories, need three cover ideas. Remember these are for ebooks so the covers will be thumbnail size on websites so we need something that really pops.

So what do you get out of it besides great covers to look at?

If your idea is one that my publisher decides to use on the cover, you will win all three books on ebook and a box of Christmas Cookies just in time for the holidays!

Not only that, but three blog commentors (from those who say they'd like to receive it) will receive the trade sized copy of The First Love Cookie Club. Which has original cookie recipes inside.

So start tossing out those ideas.


  1. Love the cookie pictures. How about something like:

    - Sweets for that sweet man of mine
    - Christmas, cookies and love
    - Lasso that man by his sweet tooth

    Connie Fischer

  2. What sort of things would you like to see on the covers?

  3. 1) A couple embracing in the kitchen, shot perhaps at neck to thigh level with a plate of finished cookies or perhaps cookie making in progress on the counter behind them.

    2) Heart shaped cookies on a plate on a beautifully made full bed, with two glasses of wine and candles on the table in the background.

    3) Image at middle level with two sets of hands exchanging a beautiful heart shaped cookie.

    4) A plate of heart shaped copies sitting on a strong country style plank table surrounded by mistletoe. Cowboy hat in the background. Lace napkin alongside the plate.

  4. I love the cookie pictures just as they are. Of course, to make it even nicer, how about a picture of a sexy cowboy, hat pushed back, sitting a porch next to his girl munching a yummy cookie offered by her. To keep the Christmas touch, how about a twig wreath on the door with some red and green plaid ribbons on it. Trying to keep a western/Christmas/cookie theme here. Hope I'm understanding the question and answering properly. Would so love to win a copy of "The First Love Cookie Club." I love making Christmas cookies with my grandchildren and having your recipes as well would be terrific. Thanks!
    Connie Fischer

  5. I'd love the trade-size copy or the ebooks. Any kind of book works for me really

    For pictures, I like:
    1. Man's hand holding out a cookie bouquet
    2. An oven, hot mitt and cookie tray with a couple entwinded off to the side.

    As for words on the pictures you posted. Hmmmmm
    1. Not just the sugar sparkles
    2. My heart is yours
    3. Spiced Memories

  6. Well since the First Love Cookie Club is my favorite in the series, I most definitely would love to get a copy of the ebooks. So excited!

    Cover ideas. How about...

    1. Heart Shaped Holiday Cookies decorated with the appropriate holiday sprinkles, powdered sugar, etc., hanging from the branches of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a warm, romantic room behind it all aglow with fireplace light.

    2. Looking down at a cookie sheet with gingerbread men and snowflake cookies on a wooded counter. If it's do-able, you could have a man & woman's hands (covering each other) visible, say, on the counter.

    3. Star shaped cookies with pristine white icing nestled up against a mug of rich, velvety hot chocolate on a saucer. Might even have a candy cane laying across the saucer for that extra holiday touch of deliciousness. Have it all nice and close in the foreground and sitting on a bright red table clothe appropriate for the season.


  7. What a wonderful way to connect with readers! I cannot wait to re-visit Twilight and catch up with the characters.

    Some ideas that came to mind:

    1. A Christmas picnic! Picnics are very romantic in the summertime and I would love to see it romanticized in winter. Imagine snow-covered ground, a picnic table covered with a tablecloth with the ends gently flowing in the breeze. It's in the evening and on the table is just baked cookies in a basket and glasses nearby and candles highlighting the food. In the background is the lake where Travis saved Sarah. Of course, since it's the holidays, the pine trees nearby are decorated. The sun is about to set which gives it a romantic feel.

    2. The town has such a presence in the series and I would love to see some of its buildings showcased. There can be the town's quaint inn all decked out for Christmas. Looking in is a staircase leading to the upper floor. Inside to the right is a room with a decorated Christmas tree surrounded by presents, a fireplace and a cat lazily lounging on a rocking chair. (All is seen through the window) There could even be a cowboy boot tossed aside on a welcome mat. What I'm trying to portray is a homey, cozy feel that has a touch of Christmas to it.

    3. I hear there might be a Twilight wedding and if so, I can picture an image of steps leading up to the Church doors. It has the touches of all Twilight clubs. A mistletoe on top, ribbons and yarn going through the sides and turned into bows courtesy of The Sweethearts' Knitting Club. There are poinsettias alongside as well and/or other winter flowers from The Welcome Home Garden Club. On both side of the steps are snow-covered pine trees.

    If any of these ideas interest you and the cover department feel free to play with them and adjust. I can't wait to see these covers.

    The First Love Cookie Club is my favourite book of the series and I would to win a trade-size copy of it.


  8. Adding to #2. There are miniature angels everywhere in the inn of course :)

  9. While I would love to win a trade size copy of The First Love Cookie Club, I'm going to be out of the running on this one. I don't have the imagination or creative bent that these other ladies do - WOW, some fabulous suggestions! And I do love the pictures shown, especially the first one - a very simple elegance.

    Good luck everyone!

  10. Okay i will take a stab at this..

    I see a beautiful living room, walls convered in knotty pine and a huge stone fireplace, with a warm fire burning and a couple sitting beneath a Christmas tree filled with frosted star shapped cookies. And the bay window would show a starry night and the snowflakes falling lightly on the ground..
    Okay best I can do on short notice.

  11. Here are a few ideas:

    -an upside down cowboy hat with a basket of cookies in it

    -a woman and a child, the woman is brushing a spot of dough or flour off the child's nose or playfully dabbing it on....or it could be a couple

    -a man licking cookie dough off the woman's finger, or reversed.

    -a cookie with initials on it like the Twilight tree (sort of like this: B.E. + M.N.)

    -a chair with a Santa hat hanging from the back and cowboy boots on the floor nearby. Next to the chair is a table with a plate of cookies and a sign that says "For Santa" and a couple kissing in the background.

    -a bakery shop window with a display case visible through it.The display case is filled with yummy cookies.

    -Gingerbread men sort of representing the main characters (sometimes you have a child in your stories)and they seem to be holding hands.

  12. Lori, I'm not sure what a blog commentator does. I love reading everyone's posts here though.

  13. Fabulous suggestions. I'm taking copious notes.

  14. i lik e slices of pies
    kim h

  15. I like a Christmas Angel ornament hung beside the cookie (string tied) on an evergreen background. If possible the Christmas Angel wears a cowgirl hat as well as her halo.

  16. This idea came to me last night,

    4. If there's a pet in any of your Christmas novellas, a dog or cat wearing a Christmas hat with a half-eaten cookie in its mouth. It is outside with the house main door in the background and there are paw prints on the snow.

    5. Another scene is a Christmas stocking hung with a yarn bow over a fireplace brimming with presents. On the mantle is an assortment of cookies and brownies, along with some kid's Christmas books and/or kinitting pins nearby.

  17. 6. A postcard/ card of Twilight, Texas showing a scene of quaint little shopfronts all decorated for the Holidays with snow on the building edges). The card is placed standing on a table next to a basket of cookies.