Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Cover

I love getting new covers. Especially when they fit the book. LOL. The hero and heroine on the cover look exactly like I imaged Wyatt and Kiara looking. Thank you, cover artists!

Intoxicating comes out Nov. 2011.

I've been wanting to write about a winery since my visit to Napa Valley in 2008. Finally my research paid off.

How much does the cover affect whether you buy the book or not?


  1. I love looking at good covers (and have been known to drool over some of them ;o)!), but I never buy a book based on the cover.

  2. Thank heavens for that, Karen. Many times authors have no control over their covers. At Halrequin we fill out art fact sheets detailing what we'd like to see on the cover, but often, they ignore us. LOL.

  3. Oooh looks great! Blaze does such nice covers.


  4. Oh I just love books written about Wine coutnry...anywhere...
    I love the cover...