Monday, August 8, 2011

The Gas Well is Pumping Again

When gas prices first spiked up about five years ago, they built a gas well right across the street from my house. Then the governement gave a private company the right to steal our land for a measly five thousand dollars to construct some water pipe affair used to fracture the shell. (Can you tell I"m still bitter? We could have taken them to court, but if we lost, we would have had to pay court costs. Everyone else in our area caved, so we had little choice.) And no, we don't get gas royalties, in Texas no one sells their mineral rights when they sell property.

Heavy eighteen wheelers rumbled up and down our road for months. Then one day gas prices dropped, the drilling stopped and they never did get around to building that water pipe thing on our land. Yesterday, we heard the drilling rig kick to life. Today, a stream of eighteen wheelers. Sign of the times? Does this mean the gas prices are headed up even higher?

I live in fear of blowing up. Have you noticed signs of the times in your area? What has you worried? Concerned?

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