Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black Hope Horror

This story in my paranormal Texas history series is really scary! Residents of a Houston suburb tell of terrifying events after learning their houses were built on top of an old slave graveyard. The video is in three parts.

Scary huh? So what would you do? Would you have moved or stayed in the house? I would definitely move!!!!


  1. As I sued the developers for building on top of a cemetery without full disclosure, I'd be packing my bags to move. Evelyn

  2. well I wouldn't have kept the 2 graves in my backyard that's for sure. didn't the builders not realize that there was a cemetery in their plans?!! unbelievable.

  3. I'm weird. I've never been overly fond of cemeteries because when I do go, they just feel... empty. I have no feeling of the person "being there" anymore. But it's amazing what land developers will build on top of and you never know unless you ask or go research the land yourself. I've seen people build on garbage dumps, land that was probably contaminated by leaky underground gasoline tanks... and Chicago just had a huge graveyard scandal here a year or so ago. It's just appalling.

    I haven't watched all 3 parts yet (it's too late and I'm a chicken like that) but long as they weren't hurting me or anybody in my house, I'd be okay with it. Once anything violent started, I'd be gone.


  4. What I find interesting is that the family tried to sue, but the suit was thrown out. They had to pay $50,000 in fees! The ghosts should have been haunting the developers!