Friday, November 11, 2011

The Clone's in Charge

I'm off to Fresh Fiction's Readers and Ritas event in Dallas. The Clone is in charge. You guys tell me if she slacks off okay? While I'm away, she's supposed to:

Wash the dishes...

Vacuum the floors...

Polish the furniture...

And scrub the toilets.

You guys keep an eye on her and tell me if she slacks off while I'm gone, okay?

Have a great weekend everyone. Go ahead, curl up with a book. I'll be back on Sunday.


  1. Clones, clones everywhere! Have fun at the Readers and Ritas event. I wish I can one day attend an event like that.

  2. Wish I had a few here to help around the house. Enjoy your Readers and Ritas event.

  3. Your clone is nobody's fool!