Friday, November 25, 2011

The Clone Does Black Friday

The Clone insisted on going out at midnight to get in on those Black Friday deals. I told her she was nuts. Especially when she decided to take along the baby clones. She stood in line for hours at Best Buys, but managed to make a couple of new friends.

After waiting hours and hours, she finally got in, but everything that was on her list was gone. Disappointed, in the wee hours of the morning, she headed over to Game Stop.

To keep the baby clones occupied, she put them to playing Xbox.

But then they got into a big fight and The Clone got thrown out of Game Stop. She came home empty handed and swore never to go out again on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I just had to say, "I told you so."

What about you? Are you braving the stores on Black Friday? Did you score any bargains?


  1. Totally avoided the stores. I didn't need anything, so I was lucky enough to be able to skip it. I can't stand the crowds, the pushing, shoving, rudeness. Blah. I like to keep my holidays low key and relaxed. :)

    I do know peeps who were out bright and early this morning and they were shocked by how empty the stores were. So I don't know if everybody was out at midnight/1 a.m. and gone or if this shopping season is gonna blow for retailers.


  2. That is one brave clone to venture out into the retail wilderness like that! I'm staying indoors but I just came back from the library with a handful of books to keep me company for the weekend!!

  3. Mom and I went out this morning, left the house at 3:30 and got to the mall at 4. Shopped at Sears first, got what we went there for, headed down to JC Penneys and then Macys, then back to Penneys. Managed to get everything I wanted to go. We hit those stores, plus Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble, Kmart and it was like a regular shopping day.

    I've never experience any of the pushing or shoving that they show on the news, but then again I do not go in the hopes of getting any TVs, video games, etc. I didn't wait on any line longer than 5 minutes and managed to save a couple hundred dollars. We've gone to this mall a couple years in a row now, and it's always been the same as today.

  4. You are hilarious with the Clones! At least they ventured out - I stayed home. Nuthin' is worth staying up late (except a good book I want to finish) or getting out early! :>)

  5. No Black Friday shopping for me. I do online cyber Monday though. Waiting in line is not my best feature. I've been told I get snarky. Better to be at home than get snarky and in trouble with the law.

  6. No Black Friday shopping for me. I went to Wal-Mart about 8pm last night, but wasn't there for any deals.. Just got what I needed and left..

    Glad you were able to get some bargins..

  7. Went out today to run some errands and hit the local office supply place (Makin' copies!) and stumbled over a nice deal on a laser printer. $120 laser printer for $50 + 20% off the toner cartridge, so I snagged one. :)