Friday, November 4, 2011


Unbelievable! The Clone has really done it now! She felt that I had been working her too hard, so she decided to make more clones. This is starting to get out of hand!

She gathered all the necessary clone making supplies.

Yikes, does this mean I'm a grandmother....or aunt....or what?

Before long, the young clones began to develop their own little personalities. Here is clone 1. She's a bit of a brain-i-ack.

Clone 2 has developed into a glamor girl! Such drama.

Clone 3 has anger issues.

And clone 4 is a bit lazy. She likes to sleep a lot! I wonder how productive she is going to be?

Ah, our little clones. How fast they grow up.

Do you think the clones should have a name? Or is it best to just leave their names as numbers? If you think of any names, please share them with me in a comment.

Of course, I've heard the name  Ima  Dubble for a clone. Heehee


  1. Oh to have clones. *sigh* Let's see, we could take a page from soapy couples and do name combos like...

    Brain-i-ac + Lori = Brainori or Lorian or Smari (I'm suddenly flashing back to the Smufs)

    Glamour Girl + Lori = Glamori

    Anger Issues + Lori = Langer or Angori

    Lazy + Lori = Lari or Lazri



  2. Very cute! Not only are you a talented author, but you're a talented artist as well!

  3. Thanks for another fun clone posts. I'm not good at names but maybe Wilde Thing or Clori.

  4. Julie,
    You are so creative. I love those names! Thanks so much.

  5. Connie,
    Thank you. You are so sweet. I had a lot of fun playing with paper dolls last night. haha

  6. So cute, Lori! Since I am "Suthern" I am going to give the clones southern names:

    1. Lori Mae
    2. Lori Jo
    3. Lori Belle
    4. Lori Sue


  7. Julie's ideas are fun!

    I'm thinking of the Care Bears. There's Thinksalot, Dancesalot, Grumpsalot and Snorielori.

    It's my day off I'm going to hang with Snorielori.

  8. I love yours too Cheryl!