Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprise! Two Kindle Touch given away instead of one.

I decided to give away two Kindle Touches. Today's winner is Donna Cooper. Donna, email me @ loriwilde@aol.com to claim your prize.

This contest is a bit different because it's a real contest. I'm going to pick the entry with the most memorable Thanksgiving story.

When my middle brother was a toddler we had a mischievous white Pekinese name Honey. My brother had just started talking and for the most part, he didn't say much.

Thanksgiving was my mother's favorite holiday and she went all out. While we kids were glued to the TV watching the Macy's Day parade, mom cooked and cooked and cooked. Around three in the afternoon, she set the Thanksgiving table.

Then she sent us kids to our rooms to get dressed. She believed everyone should wear their Sunday best on Thanksgiving. (I still uphold that tradition.) And she hopped into the shower herself.

Suddenly, from the kitchen, we heard a shriek and we all came running. My mom dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel.

There's my baby brother standing in the kitchen with his hands on his hips, a frown on his face, glowering at Honey, who is up on the table dragging a whole twenty-five pound turkey off the platter. Pointing a chubby finger, he hollered, "No! Hiney Dog, No!

My mother, of course, was appalled that Thanksgiving had been spoiled. In a dramatic gesture, my father tossed the turkey out in the yard and banished Honey to the garage. We sat around the table glummly eating the vegetables and cornbread stuffing, my little brother in his high chair. Green beans were his favorite vegetable, but my mother always served asparagus for Thanksgiving. He put the asparagus in his mouth, made a horrible face and flung the offending vegetable across the room.

"What's wrong," my mother asked.

In complete toddler earnestness he exclaimed, "Dirty green bean!"

Too bad Honey was banished. She loved aspargus.

So my most memorable Thanksgiving was the year my little brother learned to express himself. It might also explain why A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie. I can identify with the family's ruined holiday dinner.

What about you? Any memorable Thanksgiving memories? I'll chose another Kindle winner on Thanksgiving, so come on, tell me your favorite Thanksgiving memory.


  1. I have to say my most memorable Thanksgiving was the first one that I hosted for my husbands family. I got everything ready and was getting ready to check on the turkey and not even close to done. So we crank up the heat on it, to speed up the cooking. We ended up having thanksgiving lunch with no turkey. We ate at noon and the turkey finally ended up getting done about 2:30pm. Everyone had some, because what is thanksgiving without turkey. I was so embarrassed. Everything else is so good and had many compliments, but everyone still kids me about it. This year is my 3rd year and more prepared and turkey will be cooked this year and picked up by the time dinner is served.
    Would love to win the kindle, what a great prize. Thank you for offering us such a great prize. You are a great person and a great writer.
    Thanks Lori for the contest and the chance to win.

  2. I think my favorite memory was the year as a young bride that I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family and my husband's family. I remember doing all of it! What an exhausting undertaking but so much fun. Yes, I'm one of those idiots that love to get in the kitchen and cook, cook, cook and the more the merrier to come and eat it.

    It's very generous of you to do a "double giveaway," Lori. Just one reason your readers love you! Thanks!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I was a young girl and my mom had our entire family over for the holiday. I remember watching my mother in amazement as she would prepare, set, serve, & cleanup Thanksgiving dinner and play host as if it were an everyday thing! Unfortunately, as it turned out, this was my last Thanksgiving with one of my favorite uncles who would die the next year. However, I am very thankful for having my family together for the holiday and enjoying the holiday with him.

    Fan on Facebook!

    Kimberly Flickinger

  4. Most memorable would several years ago we went to my Aunt Betty's house for Thanksgiving. It was a very cold day and we had snow and ice in the forecast. After eating we went to her parents house who were both deceased and they asked if we wanted anything. We were close with her family as well. I chose a kitchen aid and a bi thick quilt. The weather tarted looking bad and we started heading home. By the time we reached the mountain ice had started to fall. Dad was trying to hurry and get us home we hit a patch of ice and started off the side of the mountain. By the grace of God a tree caught us. I was so scared and no one was moving so told them to let me out. Not much traffic because of Thanksgiving no cell phones then. I had my quilt that I had got and we were wrapped in it. A neighbor finally came by but only had room for one. Took granny home. Luckily another neighbor cam my in their truck with cab and we were all able to fit. This was the first thanksgiving after my grandfather had died. I honestly believe it was his hand that saved us that day.

  5. Most memorable? Hmmm, I'd say it was my first time hosting dinner. My husbands side of the family was to be there, quite a few actually. So I got a good sized turkey. Well, in MY family, we like to cook the bird in the microwave. *sshhh, hold up* I know, it sounds completely weird and funky, but I promise you, you bag that bird up and set it for a couple hrs, and that'll be the juiciest turkey ever!! So, remember I said I got a good sized bird? Well, I obviously didn't pay attention to size vs. cooking time, and it was not done when I said it would be. Needless to say, dinner was late by almost 2 hrs.......but we did all have fun waiting. Was the bird good, you ask? Heck yeah, it was!! *laughs*
    Thanks for the chance at the Kindle! And I hope you liked my little funky story.

  6. Ohhh...those old Thanksgiving memories... Watching 'It's a wonderful life' with my middle sister and crying our eyes out before dinner. Eating in our Pajamas, its was only the five of us, and cracking up at all the inappropriate jokes we used to make around the table. My poor father and his nutty wife and three daughters!! And we can't forget my middle sister blowing mashed potato bubbles at the table....Always very lady like!! Those are the momories I miss the most!!

  7. LOL That is hilarious, Lori!! Poor Honey! She just wanted some turkey, too! :)

    (I'll use initials for names ;) )
    My most memorable Thanksgiving was one year (I was about 9.) - My oldest sister C & brother-in-law S lived in Virginia but they came home for the holiday. My middle sister, A, still lived at home and had a reputation of eating nothing but sweets (to the point that her health was in jeopardy). Even hiding them from her, she would still get into them. She NEVER came into the kitchen while anyone was cooking, so it was safe to play a trick on her. When C came in, she asked my Mom what the dessert was going to be. My mom told her, "Chocolate pie, as always" (None of us liked pumpkin pie!) -- So C said, "Okay but I want to make something, too...especially for A!" Momma told her she knew where everything was, so help herself.

    I was watching all of this, but to a 9 year old, I really didn't know what was going on.

    We all gathered around the table after it was set. When time came for dessert, C pulled out this platter with a "cake". She looked at A and said, "Since I missed your birthday a couple months ago, I wanted to make you your favorite cake. So you get the first piece." She cut it, and gave A a piece...even going so far as cutting the rest of it and handing it out.

    Turns out C had made a pan of cornbread & put chocolate icing on it. A spit it out and as far as I know, hasn't touched a chocolate cake since!! (This was 23 yrs ago!)

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share! :)

    May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  8. That would have to be the thanksgiving that I thought I was going to loose my brother Ricky. He worked for the city & he had to go check on something. I went with him & sit in the pickup. The little building he went in caught on fire. Ricky was burned when he was 8. It scared me so bad, I kicked off my heels and ran to the nearest house. Which belonged to my best friends parents hous. I didn't even knock, I burst through the back door & grab the phone. Ricky was ok but I was so scared. And the Miller family didn't mind my interrupting their dinner. I have lots of thanksgiving memories but thats the one that pops in my head the most. I would be lost without my brother.

  9. My Thanksgiving memories is when my mom cooked a lot of food and wanted the whole family to come her sister came with her 3 kids but both my brothers were in the services one in the air force the other in the army. She kept asking them and they both said no sorry Mom. Well the night before my broth from the air force came in at 2:30A in the morning then at 4AA the one from the Army came in so we had all the family in for that special day. The best part of it was when my Aunt went out side to smoke ( Mom) would not let her smoke in the house all at once she screamed we went outside and here was a gopher snake that went under the orange tree she kept saying it was at least 12 feet long and one of my brothers went and got it and it was just 3 feet long.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. 1973 is my favorite memory. That is the day I brought home my newborn son. My first child and the first grandchild/great grandchild. My grandmother and mom had made the dinner and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal was waiting for me when I go home. We had so much to be Thankful for that year and I am still Thankful for my oldest son.

  11. My most memorable Thanksgiving was at age 18 when I decided to host it for the first time. Everything was perfect, I was going to prove to my parents and sisters that I was a great cook! The house was cleaned and the table was beautiful!
    We all sat down to enjoy this wonderful meal.. then my Mom got to the stuffing.... "Is this plastic??" I watched in horror as her fork lifted up a gooey string. I'd forgotten about the plastic packet of seasoning....... Oops!

    Dana Weber

  12. When I was about 8 we were living in Colorado Springs. That Thanksgiving my mom was not feeling her best and was just not up to cooking the big traditional dinner. She looked at my little brother and me and asked us what we wanted to eat and told us if we wanted turkey she would still cook it for us. My brother and I looked at eachother and said, "How about tacos?" My parents looked at each other and started laughing. My dad sent my mom back to bed and we made thanksgiving tacos which became our meal of choice for the day before thanksgiving from that day on. My kids will be eating tacos on Wednesday.

  13. The Thanksgiving I remember most is the last Thanksgiving I spent with the love of my life! It was me, Sam, our children, Billy, Sammy and Vanetta. We were invited to 4 places for dinner, his mother's, my mother's his close friends and my okdest sister'/ I ask Sam "where are we going to eat? I don't want to hurt any ones feelings" He said "at all of them" I laughed and thought he was joking, but needless to say, we went to all 4 places and ate some, and of course everyone gave us food to take home! My son Billy said " Mommy me and Sammy are stuffed like turkeys! I said what about your sister? He said " She's a girl, girls don't eat like us men!" LOL And sad to say that was our last Thanksgiving as a family. Sam was killed in a tractor trailer accident the following July, he was 25 years old, my children were 6, 3 and 2.

  14. Mom pulled the turkey out and put it on a chair to cool while she finished the rest of dinner. Our well behaved dog, who would never do anything bad ended up with it in the back yard. We still talk about the Thanksgiving we had "turkey of the sea" because Dad raced out and came home with lobsters. We had all the trimmings, but lobster instead of turkey.

  15. My most memorable Thanksgiving was the year my uncle decided to play a prank on everyone.Him and my aunt got together and put a cornish hen inside the turkey before they baked it.When dinner was done My aunt asked her oldest son to cute the turkey with everyone at the table watching him.When he got to the cornish hen my uncle jumped up and said"oh my god what is that? That's a baby turkey we cooked a baby turkey.A couple of the adults actually believed it and our oldest teenager I think she was 16 started crying thinking they had really cooked a baby turkey. It took forever to convince her it was a joke.Now we all expect im to come up with some prank it is harder for him to catch us off gaurd.

    Donna Hatcher

  16. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was about 12 years ago. My Aunt and I fixed dinner and we called my Grandmother and Great Aunt to come and eat. Well, at the same time some friends of ours had the flu and did'nt feel like cooking or visiting family. So my Aunt and I fixed them plates and took them to them. We did not go in because we did'nt want the flu. In the mean time, my Great Aunt, while we were gone decided to "sample" the dishes. My Uncle was in the den and he watched her. So when we returned, Aunt Angie said she was'nt all that hungry, but she did eat some anyway. At the time she was over the age of 85, so we thought perhaps she just was'nt feeling that well. Later in the afternoon when they had gone back to my Grandmother's house, my Uncle told us what she had done. He said that when we left she got up from the table, got a spoon and proceded to sample every dish on the stove and counters. What she did'nt know was that he was watching her and laughing to himself about it.

  17. Mine is memorable, too, but not because of fun. My father died fifteen years ago today and his visitation and funeral were held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My mother died ten years ago on Nov. 29, a couple of days after Thanksgiving that year. I'm still thankful for family and friends, good health, etc, but most of the time I'd rather cruise past Thanksgiving and get on to winter, snow and Christmas. (Sorry if this one was a downer. There should be a rule about dying at the holidays.)

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  19. I'm not sure I want to admit to this on a public blog but here goes anyway. :-)

    It was Thanksgiving 1994. I was 20 years old, newly married and living in the new home we purchased together. I had grand plans to have Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Neither my husband nor I had ever cooked anything quite as substantial as a turkey before but we both knew that everyone always talked about how long they took to cook. Wanting to make sure it was done, I woke up at midnight and placed it in the roasting pan. Let's just say by noon the next day, our turkey went "poof". It was petrified. Thankfully my mom had brought ham so our first Thanksgiving wasn't totally a bust. Every year all the family loves to remind me of that first turkey I tried cooking.


  20. I was in the Army and was transferred to Fort Rucker, Alabama from The Presidio in San Francisco. My husband and I took my 13 year old sister with us. We had only been there a few days and it was Thanksgiving. We didn't know anyone and we didn't have much money. We decided to drive to Fort Walton Beach, Florida and then when we came home, we had spaghetti for our Thanksgiving dinner. We didn't have the traditional dinner we were used to, but we had fun just being together.

  21. I really can not pick just one, but all the ones spent with my children and x husband, brothers, etc...I treasure those times and hold them dear,as I did the unthinkable and left. When you are the strong one and can no longer cope it does something to a family, because of this I am no longer invited to their homes. But I still hope my x and his girlfriend(s, the rest of the family realize how blessed they are to still have each other, my x because he has the love of our children. time heals, but never completely. Even though I do not see my grandson, i would love to win a kindle as gift to him. Remember to always cherish and hold dear each and every memory!
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  22. My most memorable Thanksgiving would have been when I was a teenager. One year, I was having bad cramps and very emotional. I accidentally dropped a glass of milk and it broke and was a huge mess. My grandfather thought he could joke and get me to laugh by saying "There's no use crying over spilled milk", unfortunately, that just made me cry harder. Holidays are not the same without him. He has been gone for 5 years now.

  23. Oh man. I remember my first Thanksgiving that I cooked, for my husband's side of the family. I was only 19 years old but a pretty experienced cook. I knew I could do this. Uh huh. Let's just say NOTHING went right! I made deviled eggs so I boiled and peeled eggs. Put the shells down the garbage disposal. (Hey! It was the 70's. We didn't compost, especially in an apartment.) Then I peeled butternut squash...and my husband put the peels down the garbage disposal. Yep, the disposal died. The night before I was having 12 people for dinner. No sink in my kitchen 'cause the super didn't work after 5 PM or on Thanksgiving... I thought: I can still do this! I made do with a small bathroom sink (have you ever washed lettuce in your bathtub? Or washed your turkey in the shower???) and my oven. Got the turkey cooked and we sat down to dinner. Sigh. Left the bag 'o' giblets inside the turkey! Hey, it was dark in the shower! But still pretty embarrassing. My mother in law was a great cook.

    Of course I used china -- no paper plates for this first dinner! -- and we put all the dishes and pans in the bathtub to deal with later. Except I had to clean it all up before I went to sleep so I could shower and get to work the next morning by 7 AM! Oh man, it was so long ago, have changed husbands and in-laws (!), but the story still lives on. I thought I had it all down pat. All these years later, I KNOW that every time I have a party or host a dinner, I learn something new. But getting together with friends and/or family is what a holiday is all about.

    Thanks for the great reads!

  24. Mom was a great cook and always made the most spectacular Thanksgiving dinners. One of the things we loved most - her biscuits. She used packaged crescent rolls, spread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar before baking. YUM. She's been gone since 1983 but we still celebrate every holiday dinner with those biscuits on the table. Somehow, though, they have become "Aunt Cathy's" biscuits. Even Mom's great-grandchildren (all born after her death) know how to make them now. I'm sure this family will be sharing the biscuit tradition for years to come.

    aunttackyx18 AT verizon DOT net

  25. Thirteen years ago my husband found something he wanted to buy at a Thanksgiving day sale. He got up in the middle of the night to go to the store. As soon as he left I got up and took a pregnancy test. When he returned awhile later I was eating soda crackers and mint tea, what would become my standard breakfast for the next few months. He told me about the crowds at the store and I presented him with a printout of an illustration I had found on the internet depicting what our baby looked like at that point.

    Later that day we were hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I wanted to wait a few weeks to tell them, but the baby was NOT making my life easy. The day before there had been a big celebration where I worked. A full Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkeys that were cooked in electric roasters in my department. By the end of my shift I had become intolerant of the smell of turkey. In fact, I couldn't eat poultry of any kind for the rest of the pregnancy. Needless to say, cooking another turkey in my house was the last thing I wanted to do! I made it after seriously considering making a beef roast instead. :)

  26. It was early November 1974, I was in 8th grade and my father was hospitalized with bleeding polyps. He'd be in for 3 weeks when Thanksgiving rolled around and my mother made the announcement that we were ALL going to the hospital to see him, me and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We hadn't been allowed in so this was going to be the first time I would have seen him in a long time. My mom walked us right past the nurse's station and defied the rules of no one under 13 was allowed on the floor because my younger sister and brother were definitely under 13. I was so proud of her that day because she broke a rule for us. We went in and saw him in bed and was shocked by how small he looked lying there with pajamas on and so very pale. Mom allowed each of us to spend 10 minutes lying with him and talking about nothing in particular but was so glad to see him. He was exhausted after awhile but that didn't stop us from watching him with each of my siblings and I was hoping that we could take him home with us. He wouldn't be able to come home for another 3 weeks which made for a very happy Christmas. Later on we left the hospital and went to a friends home and ate an undercooked turkey and watched the Redskins/Cowboys game on TV. Roger Staubach was knocked out of the game but at the last minute his replacement threw the winning touchdown and the Cowboys won the game 24-23. That Thanksgiving was probably the first time I can remember my mother not making a turkey dinner for us. I'll never take it for granted again all the work she does to make a meal for us and having my father with us too.

  27. My most memorable Thanksgiving was the last one spent with the family dog. He had lung cancer and died in my arms on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

  28. One of my most memorable Thanksgivings was just a few years ago.
    Thanksgiving is always at my moms house, has been for the past 20 years or more.
    She is a pro at cooking all the yummy things, but alas mom is getting older.
    I remember her cooking a whole turkey instead of the usual turkey breast because the youngest of the grand-kids wanted the turkey with the legs sticking up in the air.
    Any way she pulls it out of the oven an I discover she has cooked that bird with the little bag of necks and livers or whatever it is they stick inside the bird.
    Before anybody found out the mistake we toss it away and never told a soul. If the rest of the family had found out they wouldn't have let mom forget her Thanksgiving mistake.
    So 'till this day me and my mom have a little secret.


  29. I don't think I have a favorite Thanksgiving memory. We always did the same thing every year and I think I took it for granted. We'd all gather at my grandparents house and just hang out and talk. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving I remember the most was in 2007. My grandfather died that day (4 years tomorrow, actually). My grandmother had passed away in May of that year and he was completely heartbroken. Also, my uncle had just died of a heart attack on Nov. 13 (ten days before) and my aunt and cousin were in severe depression. So for Thanksgiving that year, my husband and I made a turkey dinner and brought it to my grandparent's house where my aunt was staying at the time and we all sat around watching Meet the Robinsons and cried. My grandfather was already in the hospital at this time and died that night. It was awful. Since then, it hasn't really been the same. Things are looking up for this year though, so maybe next year I can come back with a better memory.

    I'm really loving reading everyone's memories, some of these are hilarious. It really reminds me of how much fun the holidays can be :)

  30. Wow--thanks Lori and all for some great stories! Mine is a smaller memory, but still important to me.
    My dad worked for the railroad and would get called out all hours of the day or night for a run. The garbage disposal died the night before Thanksgiving and you guessed it, he was in the middle of replacing it when he got called out and couldn't finish the job. Mom was pretty upset about having to use the bathroom for water, cooking and cleaning and never let him forget it. When we bought our house and remodeled the kitchen, Dad offered us money for a garbage disposal. Last week was the tenth anniversary of his funeral and yes, the holidays are kind of difficult, but I'm so grateful for the memories and pictures and for my on-line friends and authors
    juleejadams (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. One of the nicest Thanksgivings I had was when we went to PA, for our friends 25th Wedding Anniversary and it was our Thanksgiving in Canada and my friends had a Thanksgiving dinner for us on the Sunday. We celebrate on the 2nd Monday in October and that would be our traveling day. It was so nice of them to have the six of us who attended the annivesary weekend, not miss our Turkey dinner.. It was the first time I had ever tasted squash. Was not something we had in our home. I really liked it.. Will live in my memory for sure.

  32. Great story... :-)

    Am European, so no stories here, but best wishes for Thanksgiving!

  33. My most memorable Thanksgiving is when I was pregnant with our daughter and we decided to have my family come over to our place since I was due the next week. My husband planned and cooked the dinner, finding some different recipes to try. One of the things he cooked was butternut squash soup. When we were all eating it my mother had a strange look on her face which caused my husband to ask her if everything was all right with her soup. She assured him that it was good and finished her soup. Several years ago my father is remarking on how my mother hates butternut squash and we looked at her and said, "No wonder you were making that funny face when you were eating the soup at Thanksgiving all those years ago!"
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  34. I've had many wonderful Thanksgivings. I've watched parades in black and white in Grandma's living room. I've listened to my dad and husband yell at football games while I mixed the pumpkin for the pie. I've been taught to brine a bird by my daughter. I've even a had few Thanksgivings I'd like to forget.

    But, this year is different. I'm unable to go home to be with family for Thanksgiving. I live in a small town, where people look out for each other. They care. I've had many invitations to dinner, the latest texted to me not five minutes ago.

    I've decided to spend dinner with the closest of my friends. Really, they're my family too. They extended the invitation even though her brother, who is barely 40, is in hospice care and and part of the day's activities involve saying good bye.

    I'm thankful for many things: children who go to college together so they're never alone, parents and siblings who are sharing the day, a warm home, a gray striped cat. This year I'm especially thankful for a small town full of good friends who take care of each other.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  35. Hi Lori. My story is more about why I am so thankful every Thanksgiving. When I was years old we had a tragic event occur that almost took my dad's life. My parents had just returned from grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and my dad was getting groceries from the trunk of the car and was shot in the head by a random bullet. He lost his vision from this event but he is still with us today. So every year we are always thankful at Thanksgiving that my dad did not die from this tragic event.
    I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  36. I am most thankful for my family where love thrives in abundance and I like to think we give daily thanks for all our blessings. Thanksgiving is definitely a time for family. As we get older and start having our own families, the old tradition still stands true. We celebrate by spending time together and cooking up a storm.

    My fondest memory of Thanksgiving come from my childhood. For as long as I can remember my mom dominated in the kitchen. She cooked, she baked, she cleaned, she fed and cooked some more. She did everything and she loved doing it. Since my sister and I couldn't be shooed away, we were always tasked with the least dangerous and in our opinion the funnest part: making the cookies.

    We stirred, we tasted, me rolled and we spoon-dropped them on the baking sheet. We swapped stories and created a mess. The best feeling was for that day knowing we were mommy's little helpers. All our holidays are like this, cooking and talking and laughter. This memory doesn't come from any one partocular event but from a compilation of many. Even now as adults with another generation around, the kitchen remains the most popular room around. The memories are there and with each family time more are made. I can't say I'm a better cook now but I still try to help.

    All events should be like this, whether surrounded by family and friends or smaller and more intimate, it should be filled with joy and laughter, giving thanks for all we have and are capable of inspiring in others.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Good health and prosperity to your and yours.

  37. Left out I was 2 when this occurred.