Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ghost Lights

Welcome to another installment of paranormal Texas history.

For years, people near the town of Marfa have been reporting sightings of strange lights in the night sky. These lights appear as glowing balls on the horizon.

So what you think may cause these lights to appear? Leave a comment with your ideas. I love to hear from you.



  1. The spirits of the Indians that once called that region home. I've a short story I wrote about it - a small tribe that returns to look for the missing member of their tribe. But they won't stop looking for her.

  2. I love Unsolved Mysteries. I watched the show every time it was on when I was growing up. That is interesting. I believe in ghosts even though I have never seen one but I'm not sure if I believe the lights as ghostly beings. I'm not sure what they are -maybe reflections of something moving from very far away. Lights from parts of a boat...hmm.

  3. quite interesting. I use to watch those Unsolved Mystery shows. What is so cool is that it has been happening for some time now.

  4. I've seen a special on "orbs" or "ghost lights" on some paranormal show where this man had built a house in the woods and would see the ghost lights every night -- outside, inside, etc. They had camera crews come and record and you'd see them passing in and out of the ground, through walls. It was fascinating.

    I've no clue what they are, be it spirit related or a more "grounded" scientific explanation, but the phenomenon is fascinating and very well documented around the world. It's always reminded me of the ball lightning stories. Everybody blew it off as ghost stories until science caught up with it and figured it out.

    Sometimes today's folklore is tomorrow's scientific breakthrough.


  5. Sasha,
    I would love to read your short story. Sounds great!

  6. Na,
    I love Unsolved Mysteries too. Finding this one makes me want to watch more of them.

  7. Anonymous,
    What is so amazing, no one can figure these lights out. Even with all our modern technology.

  8. Julie,
    That would be scary. If I lived in that house, I would definitely move!

  9. This same phenomenon is found on Chapel Hill Mountain in TN. The lights have been seen for centuries, the indians noting them before the white settlers moved in. Like the Texas lights, they have not figured out what causes them. The indian legend says they are the campfires of ghost warriors